I have helped hundreds of people just like you to
accomplish their printing goals.  I have been
providing cutting edge printing solutions and
unmatched service for 20 years. Contact me today!
—Stan Holt, Acumen Mosaic, Inc.

"Stan, I want to thank you for all the help over the years with your print products.
Especially when I come across those difficult times where you have to determine
the best product to recommend for a particular application.

I appreciate that when I call for help you are always there with the answer or a
particular product for me to try.

Now that I'm going  on 38 years in this business there is always an ever changing
product offering.
I know I can count on you & your expertise to keep me up to date with those new
or improved products you offer.

Thanks so much!
Hope your 2016 is another good one."

-Dan Fleming
Midwest Sign & Screen Printing Supply
St Paul MN
Windows, Walls & Floors!
Windows, Walls and Floors, Indoors or Outdoors.  To the end user or wholesale to the trade
we deliver custom printed solutions that perform!  Allowing you to make sense out of all the
separate pieces of your graphics project.  From concept to printing, to installation and
removal, we help you make sense of what each piece means.  Sounds simple, but those in the
graphics and printing industries know it can be extremely difficult because one wrong piece
can ruin an entire program.

We Work for You!
We test the print media we sell in-house, many times for years to ensure media meets or
exceeds the manufacturers claims.  

Why Contact Us?
Call or email for free samples!  704.902.4353 stan@acumenmosaic.com
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McD's Using 7030
Pattern Graphics
Indoors or Outdoors!
Custom Graphics for
Windows, Walls and
  • I have 20 + years of experience.
  • I know what it takes to make print solutions work effectively.
  • I will carefully listen to your needs and exceed your expectations.
“Stan is always bringing us new and unique print solutions.  No one
gives us better support in implementing these products with our
customer base.!”  —
Dale Smith