Apply Our Special Wall and Floor Graphics to Almost Any Surface!
Easy to install and remove graphics on sidewalks, concrete planters, columns,
carpets, plastic, tile, ceramic tile, sheet rock walls, cinder block and many more
surfaces!  For permanent graphics or removable graphics with no residue for up to
90 days.
“Stan is always bringing us new and unique print solutions.  No one
gives us better support in implementing these products with our
customer base.!”  —
Dale Smith
"Thank You Stan for all your help.  You have given our young company
everything from sales tips to marketing. You shared your product knowledge
and along with the innovative products you have provided, have given us a
strong platform to work from here in Western Canada!! Again Thank You
Stan!! "  -Jerome P. Sales & Service, Quality Digital Solutions
Stan Holt
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Makes Stairs Wraps Super Easy!
I'll terrible at selfies but this product is very easy to
install and remove.  No pressure washing, no heat,
and no residue!  
The Graphics You Want the Way YOU Want Them!
Windows, Walls & Floors!
Any Surface Indoors or Outdoors!
Any Surface Indoors or Outdoors!  ASTM non-slip certified!
Hot Print Solutions!
New 8020 perforation pattern!  With only 20% removed area, you get the very best image quality,
maximum privacy and sunscreen while maintaining an excellent see-through level.  Available for outside mount
and inside the window mounting.  Inside graphics have many advantages.

Advantages of going INSIDE with 80/20!
•        No Lamination!  The window protects the graphic so they last much longer!       
•        No vandals!
•        No permits!
•        Work inside avoiding outside weather conditions, wind, cold, rain, and heat!
•        Optically clear 2-sided tape offers ease of installation and removal.
•        Applied on the inside of the window, less need for lifts, ladders, permits and blocking traffic.
•        Maximum contrast and great visibility (due to perfect 80/20 perforation pattern).
•        3 years durability warranty if applied under normal conditions.
•        Quality PET features great dimensional stability.
To Many Solutions to List them All!
Don't see what you are looking for?  Just contact us we are always adding new and unique print solutions.
Drive Through Window!
Inside mount makes installation and removal easy and no
vandals can damage graphics.  Keep an eye on whats
happening outside!